Areas of Expertise

Passenger Vehicles

We have built an extensive network of candidates that allow us to deliver quickly from coast to coast. We have delivered high quality candidates that handle responsibilities from bumper to bumper.

Commercial Vehicle

Our firm's founders have always had a special place for recruiting in this industry. Having worked with some of the biggest OEs and tiered suppliers, we feel it's our home turf when it comes to delivering for our clients.

Construction and Agriculture

A natural fit coming out of the commercial vehicle industry, we have worked with the biggest firms in the country. We know how to adapt to internal processes to make sure a successful partnership is acheived.

Advanced R&D

Today's market requires expansion into nontraditional areas of expertise to achieve success. We have developed close relationships with academia in order to expand our reach. We have also fostered new relationships with start up level companies to stay on the cutting edge of where technology is heading. 

Connected Vehicles and IoT

Today's companies require connectivity and the ability to develop and apply  quality data in traditional and non-traditional ways. We have helped clients initiate new teams to help enhance their culture as they keep up with the increasing pace of today's technology.


Our team focuses on flexibility. Each client has different needs and levels of service. We can customize our working relationship to match these requirements ensuring a smooth partnership long term.