CRA, Inc.

GTA Partners, LLC

Recently we have joined with several retired executives in Michigan and Ohio to create a company called Global Talent Acquisition Partners, LLC.  

What we do is organize and reintegrate early out high-level Executives and Senior Engineers,  
as consultants or Interim Employment Executives, are people from your industry. They are familiar with your needs.

These executives and engineers are not consultants who only distantly understand your business. They are not theorists -- but boots on the ground implementers. They have occupied positions from Group Vice Presidents to Senior Principal Staff Engineers. 

Though we are only just starting we have available expertise in:

  • Hybrid Vehicle Engineering.
  • Human Resources -- Labor Relations, Organizational Design, Compensation and Benefits.
  • Manufacturing Restructuring.
  • Various Engineering Specialties.
  • Global Program Management Development.
  • Marketing and Communications in the automotive, heavy truck and off highway industries as well as the component suppliers
  We feel that companies which are either experiencing rapid growth or about to experience rapid growth might wish to take advantage of our services to ease their staffing needs and grow their headcount at a slower rate by plugging in high-level consultants in various capacities.

This plug-and-play capability is meant to increase your flexibility as you respond to uncertain conditions. 

Many of our consultants are already knowledgeable about your company and have suggested some areas as examples of the ways we might be of interest to you. Most of them offer Free Opening Consultations.

Please visit us at for more information.