CRA, Inc.


Our search methodology:

A typical search is completed within ninety days. We are available to meet with your management team to develop a detailed understanding of your job specifications and your culture. Your designated contacts are kept fully informed of our progress with weekly updates. These are available by email, direct phone conversation, or both per your request. 

All candidates presented for your consideration will have been interviewed by us and will have been judged to be the best qualified prospects among the individuals with whom we interacted.

They will have been given a complete understanding of the position and will have expressed an interest in the opportunity. We have the experience to perform at any capacity which you deem appropriate, from assisting in arranging interviews between the client and the candidates to actively aiding in negotiations. 

CRA is an insured agency that subscribes to the ethics and code of conduct published by the National Association of Executive Recruiters; this includes our firm commitment to industry standards on such issues as time guarantees, hands off policies, reference investigations, confidentiality, and non-discriminatory practices.

Our Pricing:

We work with our clients to adjust our pricing structure to fit your budget. Compensation for billing purposes is defined as base salary plus any cash bonuses or incentives, not including deferred compensation or profit-sharing.